Reimagining the Future

Looking at the ever-changing world, we ask what's next. For sure, change is accelerating. In global supply chains. In digitalization. Toward sustainability.
For businesses large and small, and for society, we need to start changing ourselves now and never stop questioning how best to evolve.
This is why Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Hitachi Capital have decided to merge our businesses into a new company: Mitsubishi HC Capital Inc.
"Voyager to the Frontier" describes our commitment to rethinking our field of business.
With a pioneering spirit, we are creating a new kind of finance business.
Attentive to the future of the environment.
Exploring all possibilities to initiate change on a massive scale. Challenging ourselves to create value like no one else.

Maximize Potential

Greater and more expansive strengths. Mitsubishi HC Capital's five areas of focus.Greater and more expansive strengths. Mitsubishi HC Capital's five areas of focus.
Mitsubishi HC Capital develops an advanced asset business beyond a leasing company.
As a partner that can support customers in their own ambitious endeavors, we will provide new social value with a pioneering spirit.
  • Social Infrastructure & Life

    Focus on social infrastructure for industries and life services

  • Environment & Energy

    Place an emphasis on renewable energy,
    and also target energy creation, storage and conservation

  • Mobility

    Target auto lease and advanced mobility services

  • Sales Finance

    Target assets for business that underpins economic activity (e.g. industrial machinery, telecommunications equipment, OA equipment)

  • Global Assets

    Focus on assets with high marketability and value in the global market

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