IR Information : Former Hitachi Capital CorporationFrequently Asked Questions

Questions on the company

Q. Foundation

A. The company was founded in September 1957.

This is when Hitachi, Ltd. established installment sale companies (Tokyo Hitachi Katei Denki Geppu Hanbai and Osaka Hitachi Katei Denki Geppu Hanbai) to boost its sales capacity.

Q. Management philosophy

A. Please refer to Basic Management Philosophy.

Questions on accounting and finance

Q. End of fiscal year

A. March 31 every year.

Q. Accounting data (e.g., kessan tanshin, financial reports, and annual reports)

A. Please refer to Financial Report.

Q. Announcement of financial performance

A. Scheduled four times a year, in late April, late July, late October, and late January.

Questions on stock

Q. Security code

A. Security code is 8586.

Q. Number of shares in a round trading lot

A. 100 shares.

Q. Date company listed

A. December 1976.

Q. Transfer agent

A. Our transfer agent is Tokyo Securities Transfer Agent Co., Ltd. The Chuo Mitsui Trust and Banking Copmanies' main office and branches across Japan also handle transfer agent duties.

Q. General shareholders meeting

A. An ordinary general shareholders meeting is held in June every year.

Q. Fixed date for shareholders for payment of dividends

A. March 31 and September 30 every year.

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