Message from the Representative Directors

Unveiling the first Medium-term Management Plan of the Mitsubishi HC Capital Group

I am Taiju Hisai, and I have been appointed to assume the role of President & CEO from April 2023.
I am grateful for your continued support.

The Mitsubishi HC Capital Group was born in April, 2021 through the integration of Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance and Hitachi Capital.
The two-year post-merger integration process has progressed smoothly as we planned. Now this fiscal year ending March 2024 will mark the kick-off of the first post-integration Medium-term Management Plan. This signifies the excellent starting point of the new company as we move to the next phase of further growth.

The Mitsubishi HC Capital Group has stated Our 10-year Vision as “Together we innovate, challenge and explore the frontiers of the future.” This has been set as a milestone to achieve Our Mission, which is our long-term goal.
The launch of the new Medium-term Management Plan is the first step toward realizing Our 10-year Vision. Therefore, every executive and employee is coming together as one to execute the plan.

Amid the monumental change occurring in our business environment and society on a global basis, there is no future for those who simply stay on the same path.
That is why the Mitsubishi HC Capital Group will, as always, leverage our global experience and expertise to be an innovator who ventures into unexplored fields and creates innovation together with our customers and partners.

The Mitsubishi HC Capital Group will continue to transform and evolve.
Please look forward to our progress.

President & CEO

Taiju Hisai
President & CEO Taiju Hisai

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