Ensuring Compliance

To ensure that all employees, including those of Group companies, are aware of and share in our common values and our ethics regarding basic compliance, we have established the Mitsubishi HC Capital Group Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct. Furthermore, we have made our Compliance Manual available on the Company intranet so that all employees can easily check it at any time.
The Group Code of Ethics establishes fundamental values and ethics to be embraced by all members of the Group and serves as a set of fundamental guiding principles for the Group's management and employees. All members of the Mitsubishi HC Capital Group adhere to the Code of Ethics.

Code of Ethics

  1. Establishing Trust
    Fully recognizing the weight of our social responsibility and public mission, we aim to establish the unshaken trust of society through complete information management and sound and proper business activities, including the timely and appropriate disclosure of company information.
  2. Customer-Oriented Approach
    Consistently taking a customer-oriented approach and having good communication, we offer products and services that best meet customers' needs to obtain customers' satisfaction and support.
  3. Strict Compliance with Laws and Regulations
    We strictly adhere to all applicable laws and rules (including social, industry, and company rules) and undertake appropriate and sincere corporate activities in line with social norms. We also respect internationally accepted standards as a corporate group operating globally.
  4. Respect for Human Rights and the Environment
    Respecting the personality and character of each other and emphasizing conservation of the global environment that is the shared asset of humankind, we pursue harmony with society.
  5. Exclusion of Anti-Social Elements/Money-Laundering Prevention
    We take a resolute stance against anti-social elements that threaten the order and safety of civil society. In compliance with all applicable laws and regulations related to preventing money laundering, we take every possible measure to block money laundering and terrorist financing.

Compliance promotion system

Mitsubishi HC Capital's compliance system is supervised by the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), who is responsible for building and operating a company-wide compliance system. Under the leadership of the CCO, the Legal & Compliance Department plans and manages internal systems, and provides guidance and supervision for divisions and Group companies, as well as guidance on the correction of compliance violations. In the event that a compliance violation is brought to light through a hotline or other means, our basic response policy is for the Legal & Compliance Department to ensure prompt reporting to management, the fulfillment of corporate social responsibility, and the prevention of further harm and recurrences. Depending on the nature of the compliance violation, a third-party organization may be involved in investigation. We strive to investigate the cause of such incidents, formulate and implement measures to prevent recurrences, and further educate employees to raise compliance awareness.

Compliance promotion system

Whistleblowing system

The Mitsubishi HC Capital Group has set up a compliance hotline system as a whistleblowing system for officers, employees, and others to report and consult about illegal acts and related issues, including corruption (any real or suspected violations of laws, regulations, internal rules, or the Code of Ethics identified by users of the system).The compliance hotline system comprises (1) the General Manager of the Legal & Compliance Department, or a person designated in advance by the General Manager of the Legal & Compliance Department, (2) an outside attorney, (3) an Audit & Supervisory Committee Member, and (4) an external consultation desk. These serve as contact points for officers and employees to ensure that they can use the system for reporting or consultation with confidence. The external consultation desk also accepts anonymous reports and consultations.
Reports and consultations from our business partners and other external stakeholders are received at the "Contact Us" section of our corporate website.

[Matters subject to consultation and reporting]
Any acts engaged in by management, employees, or others in violation of laws, regulations, internal rules, or the Code of Ethics, as well as acts suspected of being a violation thereof, are subject to consultation and reporting.

  • Acts affecting the protection of customer interests
  • Acts impacting the protection of the environment
  • Acts affecting fair competition, such as a violation of the Anti-Monopoly Act
  • Acts related to provision of illegal benefits, including bribes, to government officials and the like both in Japan and overseas
  • Other inappropriate acts in violation of laws, regulations, rules, or social justice

Officers, employees, and others who report or consult shall never be treated disadvantageously for the reason of reporting and consulting.

Principles for Money-Laundering Prevention

The Mitsubishi HC Capital Group ("Group") is striving to enhance our structure and system to prevent money-laundering and terrorist financing (collectively, "Money-Laundering") and eliminate any trade relationship with persons (individuals and entities) subject to sanctions, which violates economic sanctions of the United Nations, international organizations, and individual countries.

  1. We shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations for preventing Money-Laundering in and outside the country.
  2. Recognizing Money-Laundering prevention as one of our critical challenges, the top management of each company of the Group shall proactively and aggressively tackle this issue.
  3. With regard to persons subject to sanctions identified under the UN Security Council's resolution and by OFAC or other regulatory authorities, we shall check and screen every contemplated transaction appropriately according to applicable laws and regulations.
  4. Taking the risk-based approach, we shall appropriately manage customers and transactions to address the risks in the Money-Laundering.
  5. We shall monitor all transactions continuingly, and if any of them is suspected of being involved in Money-Laundering, we shall report it to relevant authorities as required.
  6. We shall provide training programs continuously to maintain and improve awareness about Money-Laundering prevention of the officers and employees of the Group and their capability to deal with those transactions.
  7. We shall ensure the appropriate business operation for Money-Laundering prevention by conducting regular internal audits and other processes.

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