Contributing through Our Businesses

Eco-friendly Products and Services

The Mitsubishi HC Capital Group leverages diverse expertise in such areas as energy saving and energy generation to increase the value of our customers' businesses while contributing to the environment.

Products: new value creation centered on financing

We leverage our long track record and specialized expertise in environment-related businesses to provide new value in customer businesses.

Environment-related services that meet customers' energy-saving and environment-related needs

Eco-friendly products that make maximum use of physical asset value

Approach to environmental issues: contributing through our businesses

Mitsubishi HC Capital has in place environmental management systems and implements a wide range of activities aimed at achieving a sustainable, eco-friendly society.
Furthermore, we carry out environmental initiatives through our primary businesses, position environment-related businesses as a key field, and strive to implement environmental activities that leverage the features of our businesses handling physical assets.

Environmental initiatives

  • ESCO businesses that provide support packages to help facilities save energy
  • Financing services to promote the use of LED lighting
  • Lease financing functions to promote the use of renewable energy
  • Initiatives in the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle)
  • Promoting value asset (VA) acquisition

Response to the Act on Recycling of Specified Home Appliances

Act on Recycling of Specified Home Appliances

The Act on Recycling of Specified Home Appliances ("Appliance Recycling Act"), which came into effect in April 2001, is aimed at promoting the cooperation of appliance users (consumers), retailers, and manufacturers in ensuring the proper disposal and recycling of used home appliances in order to contribute to the conservation of the living environment and sound economic development. The Appliance Recycling Act specifies the following responsibilities for each party.
  1. Manufacturers and importers: Duty to recycle appliances
  2. Retailers: Duty to collect home appliances from users
  3. Users (consumers): Duty to pay fees for appliance collection and recycling

Collection fees

Mitsubishi HC Capital provides installment sales of the home appliances subject to the Appliance Recycling Act and sells such appliances after they are returned upon the conclusion of a lease. As such, the Company is considered a retailer under the Appliance Recycling Act and charges the following collection fees.

Appliances Per-item collection fee
Air conditioners ¥8,000
Televisions ¥5,000
Refrigerators and freezers ¥10,000
Washing machines and drying machines ¥7,000
The above fees are general estimates.
The following factors may cause actual fees to vary from those shown above.
  • Collection from remote islands or areas
  • Collection at a time or date specified by the user
  • Steps or slopes in the pathway where the appliance must be carried
  • The appliance must be carried from the second floor or higher without the use of an elevator
  • Other special circumstances or conditions

Notes for appliance users to remember

  • Recycling fees vary by manufacturer and by appliance.
    Please check the website of the manufacturer or of the home appliance recycling ticket center of the Association for Electric Home Appliances to confirm the fees for your appliances.
  • Please pay the recycling fee for the items being recycled before collection.
  • The appliance recycling tickets provided upon payment of recycling fees are required at the time of collection of appliances by the Company. Please keep these tickets until the time of collection.

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