Establishing a business intelligence hub in Silicon Valley

Aug 03, 2023

Mitsubishi HC Capital Inc. (Representative Director, President & CEO: Taiju Hisai, the "Company") has determined to establish a hub in Silicon Valley in the U.S.A in order to strengthen its business intelligence functions as part of its innovation initiatives.

Toward realizing Our 10-year Vision, "Together we innovate, challenge and explore the frontiers of the future", the Company is executing business strategies, corporate functions strategies, and developing frameworks to promote transformation, with the Medium-term Management Plan for FY2023-FY2025 ("2025 MTMP") (1) positioned as the "hop" plan, and "sowing seeds" and "gaining a solid foothold" as keywords leading to a leap to the "step" and "jump" plans.

Among these initiatives, as one part of the 2025 MTMP's "sowing seeds," the Company will be establishing a hub in Silicon Valley. With this, the Company is aiming to strengthen its business intelligence functions in order to advance the Company's business strategies, including the promotion of digital transformation with the utilization of digital technologies and working on key themes to be addressed across segments,(2) set forth in the 2025 MTMP. Specifically, the Company will progress with investments in start-up companies and consideration of joint business creation that those investments afford the Company, and collaboration with its various partners, including universities and accelerators(3) and Japanese companies.

(1)    Medium-term Management Plan for FY2023-FY2025 ("2025 MTMP"), disclosed on May 15, 2023
(2)    The four key themes are hydrogen, EVs, logistics, and decarbonization solutions
(3)    Persons, organizations and programs which support the start-up companies and entrepreneurs and promote their business growth


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