Target related to the Resource Circulation for Plastics

Mar 22, 2024

Mitsubishi HC Capital Inc. (Representative Director, President & CEO: Taiju Hisai, "the Company") has set a target to reduce plastic waste generated from operating assets such as leased assets in response to the Act on Promotion of Resource Circulation for Plastics. This will also contribute to "Realizing the circular economy," a Materiality of Mitsubishi HC Capital Group ("the Group").

Recycle 100% of the plastic waste generated from operating assets,*1 such as leased assets, by FY2030, through material, chemical, and thermal recycling.

・Target companies: Group companies with large amounts of waste(Mitsubishi HC Capital Inc. and MHC Eco-Business Co., Ltd. *2,
          companies with more than 250 tons of plastic waste)
・FY2022 recycling rates (results):    Mitsubishi HC Capital Inc.  92.1%  MHC Eco-Business Co., Ltd.  95.7%

In recent years, increased amounts of waste have been causing serious environmental issues on a global scale. Especially, plastic waste has raised problems such as the marine plastic pollution which have adverse effects on ecosystems. Also,  increased CO2 emissions from the incineration of plastic waste is a cause of climate change.

Considering the current situation that plastic waste accounts for a large proportion (approximately 75%) of the waste from the Group's operating assets, the Group has decided to reduce the final disposed amount of plastic waste to zero as a Group-wide policy. Through this, the Group will contribute to the conservation of the global environment, and the realization of a sustainable society.

*1 Plastic waste generated from operating assets, such as leased assets:
  This refers to plastic waste that is managed based on the industrial waste management manifests ("manifests") issued by business divisions.
*2  On April 1, 2024, the Group's MHC Reuse Services Corporation as the surviving company will merge MHC Eco-Business Co., Ltd.
  The new company's name is planned to be changed to MHC Eco Solutions Co., Ltd.


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